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When travelling the world
We open our eyes and our mind

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We are
local experts

We spend months each year travelling the world to hand-pick and vet the very best that the travel industry has to offer (adding, whenever possible, a selection of ‘secret’ destinations and experiences that few in the industry even know about). We use this first-hand and up-to-date knowledge of your future dream destinations to build itineraries that are perfectly suited to your preferences.

Once your journey begins, our carefully-selected local guides – recognised as the most knowledgeable in their region – will navigate you through both the unmissable and the less-obvious: the hidden gems that only they know about so that you are immersed in the local culture.

Genuine experiences,
tailored just for you.

Your own travel concierge available to you 365 days a year.

Your time is valuable.

Let us take care of every single detail of your trip for you.

From the most iconic locations

to the most remote corners
of the globe,
we do the legwork to ensure
you are left with nothing
to do but enjoy yourself.

We encourage you to travel deeper

make new friends and explore
new cultures with the help
of first-hand knowledge.

We are
master planners

A great voyage is made all the more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about a thing. When you choose Elity as your luxury travel concierge, you get a dedicated team of travel professionals and local insiders who are committed to making sure your fully curated journey doesn’t just meet but exceeds your expectations.

We handle each and every detail of your travel with care and passion, from the moment we begin planning your holiday until you are back home. Whether you have chosen one of the world’s most iconic locations or the most remote corners of the globe, we work our magic behind the scenes to ensure that all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

Last but not least, you can conveniently follow the evolution of your travel itinerary through your personal Elity account.

Turks & Caicos


Unparalleled indulgence, luxury
and seclusion, to create
lifelong memories.


Ultimate ski resort

Experience tradition and discretion
in the comfort of your
own chalet.


Antique & modern

Dramatic scenery and gorgeous
anchorages from your own
yacht private charter.

We handle each and every detail of your travel with
care and passion,from the moment we begin planning
your dream holiday until you are back home

The Elity team

We are
well connected

Thanks to our first-hand knowledge of your chosen destination(s), your travel concierge will ensure that you don’t simply visit a place but experience it in a way that is utterly personalised around your interests.

We leave nothing about your journey to chance, choosing breathtaking destinations, the finest accommodations and the most memorable experiences – all hand-picked to help bring your most indulgent travel dreams to life.

Also, because we know how quickly travel plans can change because of inclement weather and other factors, we work with you to deal with the unexpected – or simply a change of heart – before and during your journey.


Before, during and after your trip, no matter where you are
or where you are going, your personal Travel Concierge is with you
every step of the way...

and never more than a phone call or WhatsApp away.

The Elity team

We are
memory makers

Who doesn’t want to be pampered and enjoy the best of the best during their travels? Whether it’s quiet, indulgent luxury or incredible experiences that you want from a holiday – or both! – we have an endless number of options at our disposal.

Travel anywhere in first class transport… sharpen your ancient Greek skills with a legendary guide… overcome life’s ups and downs with a renowned wellness mentor… enjoy the services of impeccably-trained butlers… delight your senses with a Michelin-starred chef… board a private jet to celebrate New Year’s Eve twice in one day…

No matter how and where your travels take you, be it a solo trip or a family vacation, we can design any kind of exclusive itinerary and provide you with all the qualified staff necessary to ensure that you and your guests enjoy an unparalleled travel experience and holiday memories to last a lifetime.

The gift of travel

What could be more personal and rewarding than giving a tailor-made voyage as a gift to a friend or loved one? This is a service that we regularly provide to our discerning clientele.

Ongoing inspiration

Your perfect journey is just part of a lifetime of majesty and discovery. The most wondrous corners of the world will continue to inspire you in a collection of elegant books. Each year after your first travels with us, we will send a beautiful edition designed to spark your wanderlust.

The Elity story

Elity's roots go back to 2014 when two French experts in
the luxury travel sector decided to pair up and
pool their 14 years of combined experience.

The Elity story

Elity's roots go back to 2014 when two French experts in the luxury travel sector decided to pair up and pool their 14 years of combined experience. One half of the team first started working in the luxury vacation rental industry in 2011 and quickly set about building up a portfolio of prestigious private rental properties around the world, all of which first underwent his very own rigorous selection process. His goal was to create a "little black book" of unforgettable places that could each deliver something extra/special; places where clients could expect and enjoy the very best.

When the two partners joined forces, they created a new business that would offer a complete 360 bespoke travel service - a service that would provide the most high-end travellers with the ability to hand over the planning of a luxurious journey to a trusted travel specialist who could open the doors not just to sumptuous private homes, but the very best hotel suites, yachts, villas and experiences. Personal service would be at the core of this new enterprise - clients wouldn't merely be booking a sensational trip to a memorable destination, they would be getting something more akin to a personal assistant that they could call or text whenever a new idea crossed their mind, confident that this person would take note of every single detail. Over the past seven years, this approach has enabled us to provide ultra-luxurious travels for clients who have asked us to create one-of-a-kind itineraries covering Europe, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, Morocco, New York, Los Angeles, French Polynesia, the Indian Ocean, The UAE and more.

Our primary motivation is to share our passion for authentic travels with our clients - so that they, in turn, experience true happiness on their voyages and come back with lasting memories. In fact, the very best reward for us is when a client returns from a journey and says they had an amazing time, that everything ran smoothly, and that the whole family will remember their holiday forever. We believe that luxury travel is not just about seeing the world, it's about sharing, generosity and kindness. We like to use a single word that we think sums it all up: benevolence.

We are here for you 7/7
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