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At Elity, we are always interested in discovering new horizons. And we understand that meeting passionate tourism suppliers in the luxury travel sector can help us keep adding to our portfolio. Whether you have a beautiful property at your disposal or access to an amazing, hand-crafted experience, get in touch and let us know about how we may be able to work together. Our goal is to bring ever more exciting options to our discerning clients – and if you are the best of the best, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Partner With Us


You own or are the official manager of a luxury residence that is exquisitely furnished/decorated and wouldn’t look out of place in a luxury travel magazine. Your on-the-ground team is experienced, friendly and easily able to cater to guest requirements.

trains and barges

Your luxurious transport takes passengers on daily and overnight journeys, with full service provided on board. Your daily journeys offer fine dining, while your overnight expeditions also include high-end, en-suite cabins.


You offer private experiences – from a unique take on something already well-established to something utterly unexpected. You are able and willing to adapt what you currently offer to meet Elity guests’ individual requirements. You are accredited by a recognised organisation.

finest hotels

Your hotel is seen as the epitome of luxury in your country/region. Your hotel is recognised for its world-class service. The products you wish Elity to promote include access to a private butler or guest manager, 24 hours a day.

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